Cover HART Magazine

Instructions for the design of HART Magazine, issue 232: “Place all names of persons and art collectives that appear in this issue on the cover.”

About the concept by HART: “Inspired by Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawings and the cadavre exquis of the Surrealists, HART invites an artist each month to draw up a set of instructions. The designers of the magazine implement these at their own discretion. On the back of this issue you will find Jeannette Slütter's instructions. Andreas Depauw made the design.”

“Artist Jeannette Slütter (1988, Netherlands) provided the instructions for this month's cover. Andreas Depauw then translated it into the final form. Slütter challenged us to put on the cover the names of all persons and art collectives mentioned in this issue. It is striking that the main articles (without setting quotas) are devoted to four women, a queer person, two non-binary people and an art collective. But of the total of 233 names that appear in the articles, only ninety-five are of women. We would therefore do well not only to work on the visible perception in the future, but to sharpen our attention to the real, often invisible figures and facts.”